Hoop Quilts Video Tutorial: How to Wrap a Hoop

HOOP DAY is almost here!  Thanks so much for your excitement to see Hoop Quilts... Minis in the round are coming soon.  Soon as in FRIDAY  :)

With encouragement from you, I took the leap and gave a video tutorial a whirl.  It shows how I wrap the hoops for the Hoop Quilts and frame them up.  It's not hard at all - but I thought it may be helpful for you to see it in action before you try it.

PSST....This is a SUPER SNEAK PEEK at the samples I made for the pattern.

Check out the video tutorial "Hoop Quilts: How to Wrap a Hoop".... please, go easy on me guys!  This is my first video ever from my home studio.  It was quite the learning experience... with lots of duct tape and other debacles.

Get ready for Hoop Quilts!
WHEN: Friday, March 17, 2017.
WHAT:  HOOP Quilts PDF Pattern
WHERE:  right here! in the Pattern Shop PDF or Print

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