Free Mandala Coloring Pages as Embroidery Patterns (and my new pouch)

This project shows you how incredibly slow I am with handwork.  I currently have 2 hand sewing projects that were stored in the same "handwork" pouch.  My snail's pace on each project indicated I needed (wanted) a separate pouch for each one.  
I decided to go for it with this Farmdale print from Alexander Henry I've been hoarding for a few years.  Better to use it than sit in my stash. I chose this sweet and feminine polka dot print for the lining. It lines the pouch, all the straps and perches on the end of the zipper tab.
I randomly picked up this adorable aqua lace trim in the dollar aisle at Target a few months ago.  I think it's supposed to be a scrapbooking supply.  It matched perfectly with the Farmdale print and I love the extra femininity it adds to the embroidery on the front of the pouch.

I've decided I need a stash of laces and trims.  Already I've found 2 different projects to use the only 16" I had.  Where are you buying trims?  I'd love to hear your finds!
FREE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS/COLORING PAGES: I found this embroidery pattern via my kids winter hobby - coloring.  This year's long winter means we went through a ton of ink and who knows how many Ninjago/Angry Birds/Monster Trucks coloring sheets.  While surfing through coloring pages for kids, I found these awesome mandalas.  They are meant as coloring pages, but I immediately saw them as embroidery.  The page I used for this pouch is here (it's the straight strip at the top).  And here is the collection of mandalas if you would like to browse the other designs.  I simply printed it out and traced the image onto fabric on my back door window. I can see more of these in my future!
So.... somehow, in avoiding doing the actual hand stitching projects I am working on.... I went ahead with stitching and sewing together a completely different project.  How does that happen?