DaisyChain Embroidery Sampler - 5 Year Finish!

DaisyChain Embroidery Sampler_Fotor
It may well be 5 years later, but I did finish this Daisychain Embroidery Sampler!  This, my friends, is the definition of crafting.  It's when you take on a project simply for the joy of making.... and you finish it 5 years later.

I'm sure many of you are like this with quilting.  And it may be discouraging to watch here as I finish quilt after quilt throughout the year.  But here's the difference... designing and making quilts is my job.  "Making" for your work and "making" for yourself are completely different.

And when it comes to making things solely for myself, I am in the same boat with the rest of you.  It takes me years to finish!

The baby-in-my-belly who I started making this for will be starting kindergarten this fall.  Whoops.  He (who I was convinced was a girl) does not seem to want this sweet little pastel ABC wall hanging in his Lego landmine, Minion infested, monster truck climbing bedroom that he shares with one of his older brothers.  (I mean, come on, he's the youngest of 3 boys.  And although he's the most-happy-go-lucky, sing to himself, mama's helper I know, he still will live his life trying not to be the baby and keeping up with 2 big brothers.)

......sigh...... I guess that means I'll have to keep this for myself........  I am devastated, as you can imagine.

And would you believe, it happens to match perfectly with my sewing studio?  :)

Free Mandala Coloring Pages as Embroidery Patterns (and my new pouch)

This project shows you how incredibly slow I am with handwork.  I currently have 2 hand sewing projects that were stored in the same "handwork" pouch.  My snail's pace on each project indicated I needed (wanted) a separate pouch for each one.  
I decided to go for it with this Farmdale print from Alexander Henry I've been hoarding for a few years.  Better to use it than sit in my stash. I chose this sweet and feminine polka dot print for the lining. It lines the pouch, all the straps and perches on the end of the zipper tab.
I randomly picked up this adorable aqua lace trim in the dollar aisle at Target a few months ago.  I think it's supposed to be a scrapbooking supply.  It matched perfectly with the Farmdale print and I love the extra femininity it adds to the embroidery on the front of the pouch.

I've decided I need a stash of laces and trims.  Already I've found 2 different projects to use the only 16" I had.  Where are you buying trims?  I'd love to hear your finds!
FREE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS/COLORING PAGES: I found this embroidery pattern via my kids winter hobby - coloring.  This year's long winter means we went through a ton of ink and who knows how many Ninjago/Angry Birds/Monster Trucks coloring sheets.  While surfing through coloring pages for kids, I found these awesome mandalas.  They are meant as coloring pages, but I immediately saw them as embroidery.  The page I used for this pouch is here (it's the straight strip at the top).  And here is the collection of mandalas if you would like to browse the other designs.  I simply printed it out and traced the image onto fabric on my back door window. I can see more of these in my future!
So.... somehow, in avoiding doing the actual hand stitching projects I am working on.... I went ahead with stitching and sewing together a completely different project.  How does that happen?