Welcome to the Charmed Prints Quilt Along.  You are welcome to start this project at any time and make at your own pace.  Charmed Prints is a FREE BEGINNER quilt along based on 5" charm squares. There are 4 Quilt Block Tutorials (Star, Greek Cross, Diamond-in-the-Square, and Pinwheel) for adding interest to this easy quilt.  You may add as many of these pieced blocks was you like.

The sample shows 2 blocks of each tutorial, fussy cut to feature the novelty prints.



Choose Quilt Size: Baby/Child Size Quilt 47” x 47” (6 x 6 charms) OR Lap Size Quilt      66.5” x 66.5” (9 x 9 charms)


Intro Quilt Along Announcement

Week 1  Schedule and Fabric Requirements

Week 2  Cutting and Layout Planning

Week 3  Block #1    Star Block Instructions AND Block #2  Greek Cross Block

Week 4  Block #3   Diamond in the Square AND Block #4 Pinwheel Block

Week 5 Assemble the Quilt Top

Week 6 Quilting and Finishing

Week 7  Completed Quilt