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What is the Block Bar?

The Block Bar is a resource library that provides you with access to printable Quilt Block Patterns, Sampler Setting Patterns, and Quilt Related Resources.  What kind of resources, you ask? Cutting Charts, Coloring Sheets, Fabric Charts and the like.  All items provided in the Block Bar are provided as downloadable PDFs.  You can print them out and keep in your sewing room!

I created a convenient and affordable collection of patterns and files to help organize and customize your next quilting project.  It's like walking up to the coffee bar, and ordering your favorite combination.  Consider me your quilt block barista.

I'll see you on the inside where you can decide if your next quilt is a venti or tall with an extra shot of creativity.

What's included?

The Block Bar collection includes Quilt Block Patterns (2 Blocks added monthly), Setting Patterns (1 Setting Added Quarterly), Cutting Charts for Fundamental Quilt Blocks, Coloring Sheets for Blocks and Settings, Fabric Charts for organizing project fabric selections, and much more.  All files are provided as downloadable PDFs - which means no more screen caps of your favorite block tutorials.  Or emailing the designer to request a resend of your lost pattern.  Your low-monthly subscription allows you access to the Block Bar content at any time.

You'll be able to access the Block Bar whenever you are ready to sew.

I add new content to the Block Bar 3x per month, so the Bar is always growing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the Block Bar updated?  The Block Bar is updated with new content 3 times per month.  Two new Quilt Block patterns and One new "Resource" are added each month.  Resources vary month to month and include the Setting Patterns, Cutting Charts, etc.

Am I tied to a long term subscription?  You may subscribe or unsubscribe from the Block Bar at any time.

Are there subscription options?  You may sign up for a 6 month or 12 month subscription at a discounted rate.

Will I be alerted of new content?  When new content is added to the Block Bar, you will receive an email from me letting you know to check it out!

Are you open to suggestions?  Do you have an idea of something that should be included in the Block Bar?  Yes - please!  I'd love to hear from you with ideas of resources to add.  Your input will help make this place even more useful and helpful for all of us.